9-Euro Ticket Reimbursement

From June to August 2022 the Berlin semester ticket was valid as a 9-Euro Ticket. Therefore, students can now claim a reimbursement of the additional costs of the semester ticket compared to the 9-Euro-Ticket, by using this online form.
Please choose the semester for which you want to claim the refund.
Please specify your HTW-matriculation number.
Please specify your date of birth.
Please write your first name(s) exactly as they are written on your HTW-StudentCard.
Please write your last name exactly as it is written on your HTW-StudentCard.
Please enter an e-mail adress for the automatic confirmation of receipt.
Please specify your IBAN (international bank account number). If you do not have an IBAN, please enter your account number.
Please specify the BIC (bank identifier code) of your bank.
Please specify the complete name of the account owner.
In some cases foreign bank transfers require a so-called "intermediary bank". In this case, please specifiy the data of your intermediary bank here.
I declare that I am the owner of the aforementiond bank account, or, in case I specified a bank account of a different bank account owner, I explicitly give my consent for having the refund paid to the account of that different bank account owner.
I herewith declare that the aforementioned HTW-matriculation number is my own matriculation number, that all my above details are truthful and correct, and that I claim the reimbursement for myself.